Saturday, 20 October 2012

Welcome, welcome

Hi all, welcome to my blog.
I've actually been meaning to start this for ages, but the idea of putting my thoughts out there for all to read is a bit confronting, which is an ironic problem for a journalist to have.
With journalism, though, someone else is giving you the go ahead to publish your work, so you know that at least one person thinks it's readable. Also, I stubbornly wanted to give print media a go and prove the naysay-ing "print is dead" types wrong.
I still work in print journalism, I should point out, but I've also realised that, with the rise of digital media, I have a great opportunity to write about things that I'm interested in here and now.
That brings me to the main point of my blog. Overall, what I want to do is create positive media.
Most people, when I mention this, ask what 'positive media' means. For me, it means making sure I write about things that are important, interesting and true, while realising the inherent value of people.
I don't think it means filling people's brains with videos of cute animals acting like people, as adorable as that is, but media that looks at issues and information in depth.
It almost feels like a cliche to say that media promotes negative body image, materialism, or pretty much any societal problem. It is capable of this, but the way I see it, the industry is capable of so much more.
People are doing something about it, as well. It's difficult to see and not always effective, but certain media makers are taking note of increased media literacy and dissatisfaction.
However, I think a lot more could be done. I think we have a responsibility to use such influential methods of communication to benefit others, not tear them down so others can build them up for the price of the latest fad.
There's nothing wrong with enjoying beauty or entertainment. On the contrary, I think this world is full of beauty and joy and interesting ideas. They are rarely found easily, or even whole, but they are there, hidden under discrimination, war, abuse and so many other issues.
So basically, this is what I'm attempting to do, try and balance the struggles we all see with the good I know is possible, at least in an arena I'm familiar with (ie media). On that note, if this all sounds a bit serious, bear with, because I'm also quite fond of looking on the bright side of life. Also, apparently, quoting British comedies. (Brownie points for you if you recognised both references)
Hopefully through this blog I'll share a bit more about what we can do for each other through a very influential part of life.

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