Saturday, 20 October 2012

First things first

Before I go any further I thought I should explain the title and verse that I chose to use. But before I do that, there’s something else I want to say.
I asked you in my last (also first) post to bear with me, and I’d like to ask that again, if the mention of God makes you want to close the page.
I am hesitant to make anyone feel uncomfortable, so for a time I thought I’d just focus on what I knew about the media and telling people about their true worth.
That’s the thing, though. The reason I care about people realising they’re worth more than any ideal image the media can present, even at its best, and furthermore, the reason I believe anything or anyone can change for the better, is God.
I believe every individual is valuable because God loved them first. When He created this world and humans he said everything was “good.” It, and us, are no longer perfect as a result of sin, which would mean eternity away from God, but He loved us too much to let that happen.
So He sent His Son Jesus to be crucified and pay the price of death, meaning we can now have eternal life with Him.
These are words I hear often. I write them often myself. I grew up knowing that God loved me enough to sacrifice His Son. But it’s still pretty hard to comprehend sometimes, while easy to forget that it should change the way I live now.
Maybe, like me, you’ve accepted what Jesus did for you on the cross. Maybe you’ve heard about it but are unsure whether you can really believe it, or have decided it’s not for you. Maybe you have no idea what I’m on about but are still reading because you hope I’ll get to my point.
Well, this is it: If I can have known God all my life and still be susceptible to forgetting where my worth lies, I figure others must be too, especially if they don’t know how much they are loved.
Also, I read back what I’d written before I decided to mention God and it was kind of boring. Technically, it was correct; you could read it and be none the wiser as to the fact that I’d left something out. But you’d also be none the wiser as to what is most important to me and I don’t want that to happen.
So, if we differ in this regard, I hope it won’t put you off continuing to read. My posts will be about all sorts of things, but I thought I’d level with you here before I go on to further explain my motivations. I do hope you’ll keep reading.

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